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Leavy Landscapes is now specialising in exterior maintenance for Mobile Homes to help preserve and protect your Mobile Home from the elements

Exterior Wash

Annual cleaning can prevent mildew and dirt from taking hold and discolouring your home’s surface. We will clean out your gutters and hand scrub / soft brush the exterior of your mobile which will help minimalise the buildup of mold and mildew.


Wash and Stain Deck

Throughout the year, your deck is exposed to rain, pollution, pollen, dirt, mildew and sunlight, all of which are harmful to your deck. Without annual washing and staining, you are quickly decreasing the lifespan and beauty of your deck.


Wash and Stain Shed

The key to shed maintenance lies in protecting the shed from sun, water and accumulated dirt and grime. Keeping a good finish on the shed and cleaning it periodically will greatly increase longevity.


Custom Made Mattresses

Are you looking to change your mattresses but don't know where to go? We custom make all types and sizes of mattresses for Mobile and Holiday homes.


Grease Chassis

For older Mobile Homes, the chassis underneath the Mobile should be greased on an annual basis to protect it from damage from the elements.